Monarch G Insecticide 15kg

Monarch G Insecticide 15kg

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For the Control of Argentine Stem Weevil, Ants and Mole Crickets in Recreational, Domestic and Commercial Turf

Monarch G Insecticide is a quality granular formulation of 0.5 g/kg Fipronil.

Monarch G Insecticide is a systemic insecticide (upwardly mobile) which is highly effective by delivering outstanding control of Argentine Stem Weevil, Funnel Ants, Nuisance Ants, Nesting Ants and Mole Crickets.

Monarch G Insecticide is non-repellent, so it can’t be smelt, tasted or felt by pests. Therefore the pest don’t know it’s there, and cannot react to or avoid it - especially important for funnel ants, nuisance ants, nesting ants and mole crickets.

Features and Benefits

  • Proven performance
  • Long-term residual control - which in turn limits the number of pesticide applications
  • Unique resistance management grouping (Group 2B Insecticide)
  • Can’t be smelt, tasted or felt by pests
  • Easy spreadable granule
  • Unscheduled (exempt from poison scheduling)

Monarch G Insecticide is a quality formulation of 0.5 g/kg fipronil. The granule used to carry the active constituent to the pest is a washed river sand, ensuring a clean and small granule for spreading over any surface.


Active Constituent: 0.5 g/kg FIPRONIL

Activity Group: Group 2B Insecticide

Formulation: G - Granular

Product Label: Download Here

Tech Sheet: Download Here

Safety Data Sheet (SDS): Download Here


Product & Pack

  • Application Rate is a rate range between 600 grams to 1.5 kg per 100 square metres - depending on pest/rate you are treating.
Hence a 15 kg pack will treat;
    • Nuisance ants, Nesting ants & Funnel Ants - 1,250 m2
    • Mole Cricket - 2,500 m2
    • Argentine Stem Weevil - 1,000 m2
Be sure to READ and FOLLOW the product label in FULL before using.