How to Measure your Turf area (meters squared)

Measure the proposed spray area in square metres before starting your spray treatment process.
If you have an irregular shaped turf area, draw it up as accurately as you can and then divide it into any combination of the shapes below.
Calculate the area of each shape and then add these amounts together to determine the final area.
When the final area is determined you can then calculate your rate of product to be sprayed per 100m2.


If you have a square of rectangle lawn area you are very fortunate because it won’t get any easier than this. Simply multiple the length by the width to reach your total.

For example:

Length = 7m
Width = 5m
7m x 5m = 35m2



Measure the radius, then multiply the radius by itself and then by 3.14 (π).

For example:

Radius = 5
5m x 5m x 3.14 = 78.5m2



Measure the length and width in meters, then multiply the length by 0.80 before multiplying the result by width.

For example:

Length = 18m
Width = 10m
18m x 0.80 = 14.4m
14.4m x 10m = 144m2



Measure the base and height in meters, then multiply the base by 0.5 before multiplying that by the height.

For example:

Base = 12m

Height = 14m

12 x 0.5 x 14 = 84m2



Draw a diagram and block areas off and measure, then add your measure areas in square meters (m2) up together to get your total area.

For example;