Ceasefire 2G Insecticide 2.5kg
Ceasefire 2G Insecticide 2.5kg
Ceasefire 2G Insecticide 2.5kg

Ceasefire 2G Insecticide 2.5kg

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For the Control of Certain Pests in Turf; Ants, Fleas and Ticks in External Surrounds of Buildings and Structures.

Ceasefire 2G Insecticide is registered for the control of a wide range of household and lawn insect pests including a variety of ant species, ticks and fleas, this product is ideal for use in public and private buildings and lawns.

Being non-scheduled it can be used in schools and government sites where other insecticide products are restricted. It is ideal for treating pests that harbour between cracks and crevices such as between pavers and structural cracks.

The sand granules are poured or brushed into these cracks where they sit in the treatment zone effectively killing the problem pests and leaving residual protection with little or no site disruption. Ceasefire 2G Insecticide can also be used when extended rain periods limit the use of liquid sprays or in areas where spraying liquid insecticides is not practical or possible. Ceasefire 2G Insecticide is also suitable for use on lawn pests such as ants, lawn grubs and beetles.

Ceasefire 2G Insecticide is for the control of a range of insect pests in turf and external building surrounds situations as per the directions of use.

Ceasefire 2G Insecticide is a quality formulation of 2g/kg bifenthrin. The granule used to carry the active constituent to the pest is a washed river sand, ensuring a clean and small granule for spreading over any surface.


Active Constituent: 2 g/kg BIFENTHRIN

Activity Group: Group 3A Insecticide

Formulation: G - Granular

Product Label: Download Here

Tech Sheet: Download Here

Safety Data Sheet (SDS): Download Here


Product & Pack

  • Application Rate is a rate range between 600 grams to 2.2 kg per 100 square metres - depending on pest/rate you are treating.
Hence a 2.5 kg pack will treat;

    • Lawn Armyworm & Sod Webworm - 416 m2 [$0.12 (12 cents) per square metre]
    • Billbug adults & Argentine Stem Weevil adults - 416 m2 (low rate) to 208 m2 (high rate) [$0.16 (16 cents) to $0.24 (24 cents) per square metre]

    • African Black Beetle adults - 208 m2 (low rate) to 104 m2 (high rate) [$0.24 (24 cents) to $0.48 (48 cents) per square metre]
    • Black ants, Coastal Brown ant, Funnel Ant, Sugar ant & Stinging ant - 416 m2 (low rate) to 113 m2 (high rate) [$0.12 (12 cents) to $0.44 (44 cents) per square metre]

Be sure to READ and FOLLOW the product label in FULL before using.

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