Coliseum Herbicide
Coliseum Herbicide
Coliseum Herbicide
Coliseum Herbicide
Coliseum Herbicide

Coliseum Herbicide

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For Post-Emergent Control of Winter grass (Poa annua) and Ryegrass (Lolium spp.) in Common Couch and Hybrid Couch Turf 

Coliseum Herbicide is a post-emergent herbicide registered for the control of Winter Grass (Poa annua) & Ryegrass (Lolium spp) in Couch & Hybrid Couch.

Coliseum Herbicide allows control the various genotypes of Winter Grass & Ryegrass that other herbicides have struggled to manage, and has shown to be user friendly compared to other herbicides in the sulfonylurea family.

Coliseum Herbicide has very good root uptake and can be washed in just one hour after application, which greatly reduces the chance of tracking and damage to non-target areas. 

Coliseum Herbicide also has a short soil life, allowing re-seeding seven to ten days after application. This is ideal if overseeding of your turf area is required for assistance with winter wear.

Features and Benefits

  • Outstanding post emergent control of Winter Grass & Ryegrass
  • Excellent Turf Tolerance on Common & Hybrid Couches
  • Flexibility to over-sow 10 days after an application
  • Does not delay couch spring green-up when applied during dormancy
  • Does not reduce cell elongation & growth
  • Control of Winter Grass & Ryegrass on newly planted couch as early as 5 weeks after planting or seeding, with no phototoxicity or long-term retardation of growth  (Note: root depth of the couch at the 5 week stage was measured at 5 cm at the time of application as per label instructions)

Application should be when weeds are healthy and active (Autumn and Spring) prior to cool weather. Inferior weed control results may be observed during cool weather (Winter).

Apply to weeds that are healthy and actively growing, Coliseum works best when daily air temperatures are a reaching 18ºC. Warmer temperatures lead to best results, i.e. when daily air temperatures are reaching 21ºC and higher.
If air temperatures are only reaching 15ºC or lower, sub-par weed control may be observed.
It is not advisable to use Coliseum Herbicide during cold periods in winter (i.e. daily air temperatures only reaching 15ºC or lower).


Active Constituent: 250 g/kg RIMSULFURON

Activity Group: Group B Herbicide

Formulation: WDG - Water Dispersible Granule

    Product Label: Download Here

    Safety Data Sheet (SDS): Download Here

    Info Sheet: Download Here

    Product & Pack

    • Application Rate is 1 to 1.2 grams per 100 square metres
    • 25 gram pack treats 2,000 square metres (@ 1.2 gram per 100m2 rate) in total [$0.024 cents (2.4 cents) per square metre]
    • Be sure to READ and FOLLOW the product label in FULL before using.
    • Looking for a Dilution Rate or Mixture Rate, it doesn't exist. To understand what Calibration is, (and why dilution rates DO NOT work) CLICK HERE.

      Please Note: Coliseum Herbicide is a post-emergent herbicide. It will not control future germinations of Winter Grass & Ryegrass. To stop future germinations of these weeds after a Coliseum Herbicide we recommend an application of Spartan Herbicide. For more information on Spartan Herbicide PRESS HERE.