Drench Soil Penetrant Wetting Agent 1L
Drench Soil Penetrant Wetting Agent 1L

Drench Soil Penetrant Wetting Agent 1L

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DRENCH is a premium soil wetting agent with penetrant and retention properties.

DRENCH is specially designed and formulated for Turf areas (i.e. Golf & Bowling Greens, Premium Sports Fields) and Broadacre Turf areas (i.e. Golf Fairways, Sports Fields, Racetracks, Turf Farms, Reserves & Parks, Polo Fields, Cemeteries, Lawns, General Turf areas).

DRENCH has key ingredients that penetrate and retain the moisture in the soil profile and root-zone, enabling turf managers to reduce moisture stress and dry patch (localised dry spot) and hold moisture in the root-zone that would normally drain and dry out quickly.

Features and Benefits

  • Improves water penetration & retention
  • Maintains turf health & vigour
  • Provides protection from water repellency
  • Gives water quick and even penetration to ensure limited evaporation and runoff losses
  • Ensures uniformed distribution, movement and availability of moisture/water in the root-zone ensuring plant available moisture to promote uniform turf quality, root growth and root depth whilst improving nutrient availability and uptake
  • Alleviates & prevents problems associated with water repellency and dry patch (localised dry spot) from hydrophobic soils in all turf areas
  • Allows hydrophobic soils to be re-wet and prevent dry patch


Active Constituent: 100% Proprietary blend of speciality surfactants

Activity Group: N/A

Formulation: SL - Soluble Liquid (Concentrate)

Product Label: Download Here

Safety Data Sheet (SDS): Download Here

Product & Pack

  • Application Rate is 50 mL per 100 square metres
  • 1 L pack treats 2,000 square metres in total [$0.05 cents (5 cents) per square metre] - 1 L pack will treat 400 square metre turf area 5 times (5 monthly applications) as DRENCH is a High Concentration Commercial Grade Soil Wetting Agent.
  • Be sure to READ and FOLLOW the product label in FULL before using.

Please Note: Monthly applications are recommended for best results. DRENCH is designed for use on turf & gardens that is being maintained to a professional or commercial standard.